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Where do you guys find this stuff?

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Everyone always asks us where we find clothes.  Can we find a piece or two of awesomeness in an hour at Goodwill?  Sure.  Can we keep the shop stocked that way?  Not so much.  We generally buy in bulk.  The super rare stuff comes from our collectors and a couple of honey holes that we frequent (don't ask us about those).


When you donate clothes, some sells in thrift stores but most of it goes to a Rag House.  Rag Houses buy by the pound, having no clue what will come in their bajillion pound container.  They make money by grading that mountain of crap into bales - vintage bale, denim bale, blanket bale, yada yada. They offer these bales to buyers, usually wholesalers who process the bales to make money.


NOW we're at our spot.  The Vintage Wholesaler.  Sometimes we buy blind bundles from wholesalers that come with a minimum order…say $500. It’s risky but we’ve found some bundle vendors by trial and error.  Yesterday we hit the warehouse our fav bundle seller to pick their boxes and choose our own stuff.  Most Vintage wholesale warehouses have a minimum order and only sell to vintage business owners.  They've purchased bales (that come in by the truckload), popped them open and touched every single piece.  The vintage grader at the warehouse pulls zippers, checks seams and separates the inventory into those giant boxes you see. There are boxes of vintage denim, lined flannels, 80s men’s shirts etc.  The graders pick for their own vintage shop (that's where the $$$ tour shirts go) AND curate a killer Victorian Era - 1970s high-end collection for peeps who sell that sort of thing.  We're no stranger to digging through giant boxes like these. Here we can touch each piece, know exactly what we're buying and don’t have to look through modern clothes.  We are SO happy that this chic puts her years of knowledge and vintage grading expertise to work for us.  People like her make it so much easier for us to curate Sick Vintage for YOU. 


For the record, we were asked not take close up pics of clothing and weren't allowed to go live on social media while we were there. 

 We're back, working hard to prep everything for the shop.  Stop by this week and check it out!